Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cabbages And Kings

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things."

Well we fucking did it.  1,000,000 hits. 400+ free-will members, and a thousand great memories.  I think we did damn good for ourselves. Like promised at a million hits i purchased the UWURADIO.COM  50 slot 128kps Shoutcast Server. Give me about 4 days to get the domain forwarding and autodj setup for when im not around.

On to sad business. will not be posting any more albums. I am going to cite personal reasons. To everyone of the artists that supported the site, i cant describe how grateful I am. To the unbelievably giving community to whom which the site was designed for.  You brought with your opinions, intelligence, and helped make UWU far more amazing that i ever thought possible.

As you could tell by the lack of posts in the past 6 weeks i have been contemplating change for quite awhile.  But god damn it was so hard to press the switch.  It was in these 6 weeks that i realized i couldn't just walk away from you guys, so the decision was made to not KILL but EVOLVE UWU into something much more powerful and much more community driven. Licences were purchased and development started 3 weeks ago. And this time I am doing it right.

Thank YOU again for enjoying this blog as much as I.  I Suggest you signup with the newsletter.  (Button on the left) I will send a message when the new site is up. In the Mean time. Download anything you dont already have.

=Gendercide Mike

P.S.  These are the faces of a real family